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MY NAME is Erin Mauterer, and I’m a professional illustrator and portrait artist. I've been an artist all my life, thanks to good genes from my parents. My father, Lt. Col. A. Michael Leahy III was a pilot and professional combat artist with the United States Marine Corps. As a kid, I remember evenings at the kitchen table, with pencils, paper and a flashlight, he taught us the basics of drawing, composition, shadow and form. These simple tasks have made me the artist I am today with a lifelong career in art. I've worked in advertising, graphics, and printing, and I’ve illustrated many children’s books and magazines. I illustrated a series of children's books written by one of The Oak Ridge Boys, Joseph S. Bonsall, about his beloved cat, Molly. Animals and characters have always been my first, best love. It's been said my artwork is whimsical. My interest is in the character and story of animals. Copying a photo is one thing. Figuring out what's "going on under that fur," as my father used to say, is far more important, since it brings out the true character of the animal. So with that, I accept your commission to paint your pets and thank you in advance for the opportunity.

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PET PORTRAITS are available in three ways. Digital/color 6x9" portraits are $40 per pet. Paper/color 9x12" portraits are $55 per pet, plus shipping, and Watercolor paintings start at $300.

PLEASE TYPE YOUR CHOICE into the MESSAGE box below. Submit your pet photographs below and provide your contact information. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the MESSAGE box below. I will also confirm that I have received your request.

FOR CUSTOM WATERCOLOR PORTRAITS you'll receive a firm estimate for your approval before any work is completed. Prices start at $300 for an 11x14" watercolor. Typical size is 15x22" for $500. Any size is available up to 4' x 8' Please submit your photos and ideas below, I will respond promptly and we will determine the scope of the portrait. The more personal the better, so if you have any special requests (including favorite toys or outfits) I welcome them!

I'll Draw Your Pet is interested in hearing from you and meeting your pets. Our aim is to celebrate your pet with a beautiful, distinctly original painting.

Telephone: (732) 922-2269
Email: heresmypet@illdrawyourpet.com
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