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Another Successful Fundraiser

February 3, 2021

THE HUNDRED CAT Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of feral, stray and free-roaming cats. They are located in Centre County, PA and have been caring for feral cats since 2005. They also assist people who are caring for colonies and provide nutritious food, outreach, and education on feral and stray cat management.

Last November, I'll Draw Your Pet partnered with HCF for a holiday fundraiser. It was a huge success. I think I may have drawn close to a hundred portraits! Everyone was so excited about the event and the portraits were a huge hit for holiday gifts this year.

But best of all, we were able to raise some much-needed funds for the foundation, making it a very Merry Christmas for the sweet little ferals who depend on us for so much. Here are some of their portraits.


Fb @I'll Draw Your Pet


Stay safe. Stay healthy.