Beautiful Customized Pet Portraits

YOU LOVE your pets. We love them too. Welcome to illdrawyourpet.

If you would like to order a caricature of your pet, as seen at the Expo events around the country, please go to the Order A Painting tab above for more details.

We paint portraits of your favorite animals - dogs, cats, birds, fish, guinea pigs, llamas, goats, all your favorites. Paintings from your original photographs, your pets in interesting scenes, with bright, pop-out colors, whimsical postures and colorful patterns and themes. Take a look at our art and place your order. We’ll let you know about pricing and how long it takes. You'll get an original painting of your pet with all the vivacity and whimsical character you love, captured in a moment forever. Check out our watercolor and digital paintings galleries. You'll notice our art reflects the style of many of the pop artists of the 60’s, a favorite genre here at illdrawyourpet. With their bold, colorful snappy bursts, these paintings pop. We want your painting to give you that same, exciting feeling every time you look at it. Thank you for visiting, we look forward to painting your pet.

Want to learn more? View our gallery to see our portraits. Gift certificates are available, contact us for details.

Every pet owner has a favorite photo of their companion. Celebrate the love and joy captured in that moment with a customized pet portrait from illdrawyourpet. We celebrate your family’s pets, from a dog or cat to a lizard or hermit crab. We'll work from an original photograph to create a unique keepsake and a great conversation piece. Our hand-made personalized paintings put a one-of-a-kind touch on your photo. The result is a beautiful paint or digital portrait you'll love to look at and proudly display anywhere in your home.

From your four-legged friends to slithery snakes, we'll commemorate your family pet with a sketch, a drawing, a watercolor or a digital painting. Thank you for choosing

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Keepsake Pet Portraits

It’s easy to create a professional, custom pet portrait with illdrawyourpet. Just select a favorite photo of your dog, cat or any other animal and contact us to begin the personalized portrait process. There’s no sitting, staying or posing involved. More often than not, it's the fussiest of pets who make the most interesting subjects.

You can transform your beloved pets into a custom drawing, sketch, watercolor or digital portrait. It's a timeless keepsake and a priceless gift for the animal lovers in your life – or for yourself. Contact us about pricing and process of your painting.

A Custom Dog Painting Captures Your Best Friend’s Mighty Spirit

Your beloved pet deserves a portrait all his own. Capture your favorite furry friend’s personality with a custom professional portrait created from a favorite photo of your dog or cat ~ or any animal! Whether your pup's rolling over or you've taken a photograph of an animal in nature, we'll capture that spirit and paint a custom watercolor or digital portrait. A painting you'll love and be proud to display.

A Personalized Cat Painting Celebrates Your Feline Friends

Commemorate your furry friend with a painting fit for her Highness. illdrawyourpet creates personalized art inspired by photographs you've taken of your pet or any other animal. The process is easy: snap a photo or choose from the many you have on your cellphone ~ you KNOW you've got them :o) Send us your favorites, and we'll paint a beautiful portrait of your animal which you or a loved one will treasure for years to come.